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Rockville dermatologist offers safe laser hair removal

Patients are ditching the razors and tweezers with safe laser hair removal from Rockville dermatologist Dr. Prussick.

Are you ready for smooth, beautiful skin without the hassle of constant tweezing, shaving, waxing, and plucking? Laser hair removal from Washington Dermatology Center in Rockville is a safe, painless way for both men and women to permanently reduce unwanted hair. What is laser hair removal? Excessive or unwanted hair can be unsightly, embarrassing, and time-consuming to groom. Laser hair removal utilizes a low frequency laser to reduce unwanted hair. With laser hair removal, patients can treat large areas quickly and efficiently and enjoy results that are long lasting. During the procedure, a specialized device is moved over the desired area, emitting pulses … Continue reading

Patients ask, “What types of dermal fillers are offered in Rockville, MD and what are the reviews?”

Dr. Ronald Prussick in Rockville, MD offers different types of dermal fillers to restore volume producing long-lasting results.

Aging is part of life, but you don’t have to look your age. With the aging process, the building blocks of the skin begin to break down and the effects of gravity show. Facial dermal fillers are an alternative to surgery that allow patients to restore natural-looking volume. With offices in Rockville, MD and Frederick, Dr. Ronald Prussick and the team at Washington Dermatology Center offer different types of dermal fillers to restore a youthful appearance. Types of dermal fillers and reviews A number of dermal fillers are available giving your physician the ability to customize your treatment to your … Continue reading

Rockville residents ask, “Are permanent laser hair removal procedures effective?”

Permanent Hair Reduction Rockville

The average woman spends 72 days or more of her life removing unwanted hair. Removing excess hair is tedious and time-consuming. Some practices are even painful. If you are ready to stop shaving, tweezing, and waxing, consider permanent laser hair reduction. With offices in Rockville and Frederick, Dr. Ronald Prussick and the team at Washington Dermatology Center offer effective hair removal services. The laser hair removal process Laser hair removal has become a commonly requested procedure for good reasons. Laser energy is precise. The beam of light is focused on the hair follicles. The follicle is destroyed as the dark … Continue reading

What you need to know about Botox Treatment

What you need to know about Botox Treatment

As you may know, Botox is a common cosmetic treatment that helps patients to reduce stubborn lines and wrinkles from their face. Over time, and due to sun exposure and simple aging, many patients begin to notice lines on their forehead, around the eyes or lips, or even on the neck that didn’t used to be there. While often patients turn to the cosmetic counter at their favorite department store first, the creams and serums frequently leave patients feeling disappointed and frustrated. While the topical creams rarely offer the right results, Botox is injected under the skin to relax the … Continue reading

Washington, DC dermatologist explains the advantages of Botox

dermatologist explains the advantages of Botox

In recent years, the popularity of Botox has increased dramatically. Across the country, individuals are learning that they can remove lines and take years off their face with a simple injection. The treatment seems so simple, in fact, that Botox providers are showing up everywhere. While there is something to be said for convenience, it’s critical to choose a care provider whom you trust with your most important feature – your face. Dr. Ron Prussick and his team at The Washington Dermatology Center are committed to providing safe and effective treatment to help their patients. Whether clearing up a stubborn … Continue reading

Rockville patients have found a cost-effective way to inhibit hair growth with laser treatment

Cost-effective way to inhibit hair growth with laser treatment from Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Do you have excess or unwanted body hair? Are you tired of shaving? Why not consider laser hair removal? With an office in Rockville, Dr. Prussick offers safe, effective laser treatments to treat various skin issues including hair removal to inhibit hair growth and permanently reduce unwanted hair. Save time, energy, and money in the long run Men and women both commit a substantial portion of their time, energy, and money on hair removal products such as shaving gel, razors, waxing appointments, and more. It is a lot of work to get rid of unwanted hair by yourself. Some products do not work, … Continue reading

Frederick, MD area practice offers quality laser hair removal services

Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC offer quality laser hair removal services

Dr. Ron Prussick and associates of the Washington Dermatology Center pride themselves in offering a wide selection of general, medical, and cosmetic dermatology solutions to patients in the areas of Rockville and Frederick, MD. This includes services such as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a state-of-the-art way for patients to address unwanted hair. This treatment is an exciting offering that allows individuals to reduce and remove hair on areas including the: Chest Back Arms Legs Underarms Bikini Line Face Dr. Ron Prussick has seen hundreds of patients who are interested in reducing the thickness of hair in certain … Continue reading

Is permanent removal of hair possible for patients in the Rockville area?

Permanent removal of hair possible for patients in the Rockville area from Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Men and women who visit the Washington Dermatology Center in Rockville area often do so to address unwanted hair on the body. They are excited when they find out that Dr. Ron Prussick and his team offer laser hair removal. This state-of-the-art treatment allows patients to permanently reduce or even eliminate hair from one or more areas of the body. This convenient procedure can be done on the scalp or face, depending on the needs of the patient. Laser hair removal is becoming incredibly popular with patients who are ready to call it quits with the endless grooming process. From … Continue reading

Frederick area patients ask, “How long does laser hair removal treatment last?”

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Frederick from Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Patients who are tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing unwanted hair from the face and body are often interested in learning about new, advanced ways of improving their appearance. Frederick area men and women can visit Dr. Ron Prussick at Washington Dermatology Center and learn about the advantages of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a revolutionary way to achieve hairless skin. Many patients want to know how long laser hair removal treatment will last. The good news is that with a series of sessions to target all the hair follicles in the treatment area, the results are permanent. … Continue reading

Understanding laser hair reduction treatment for Frederick area patients

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Frederick from Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Unwanted hair can be difficult and time-consuming to control. Removal may include methods such as shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams. Daily plucking of stray hairs can be painful and unnecessary. Now, patients have a new way of dealing with unwanted hair in a permanent way: laser hair reduction treatment. Dr. Prussick of the Frederick area offers laser hair reduction for patients of all ages dealing with areas of unwanted hair growth. This method of reduction can be done on any area of the body, and most patients seek treatment for locations such as the underarms, legs, bikini line, chest, back, … Continue reading