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Are you an ideal candidate for laser hair removal in the Ijamsville, MD area?

Laser hair removal in the Ijamsville, MD area from Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Shaving, plucking, waxing, and other methods of hair removal are very common. Many of us perform at least one of these activities on a daily basis, whether we would really like to or not. Laser hair removal, or reduction, is a service that many of our patients ask about. This type of treatment is designed to permanently reduce or even eliminate the growth of new hairs from various areas of the body. Laser hair reduction treatments deliver focused laser light into hair follicles. This energy is absorbed by actively growing hairs, destroying them and affecting the hair follicle, as well. … Continue reading

What you can expect from laser hair removal treatment near Rockville

Laser hair removal treatment near Rockville from Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

For most people, their vision of ideal skin may be free of conditions like tiny nicks and razor bumps, as well as stubble. Beautiful skin, for many, looks silky soft, smooth, not hidden beneath unwanted hair. Proof of this mindset can be seen in the way we incessantly groom when it comes to hair. Most adults spend time every day shaving, plucking, or waxing unwanted hair. The advances that have been made in dermatology now allow you to save time and enjoy smoother skin. Early innovation brought us electrolysis as a form of permanent hair reduction. This procedure, however, tended … Continue reading

A hair reduction consultant in Frederick helps you enjoy permanent results from laser hair removal

Enjoy permanent results from laser hair removal from Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Men and women often find themselves dissatisfied with the ongoing growth of hair in certain areas. Whether on the face, arms, legs, back, or other area, laser hair reduction is a form of treatment with great benefits. Those living in and around Rockville, Frederick can discover freedom from unwanted hair at Washington Dermatology Center, where Dr. Prussick uses advanced technology to produce lasting results. Over the past several years, we have seen incredible advances in the area of laser hair reduction. By undergoing this professional treatment, it is possible to free yourself of the daily task of shaving, waxing, tweezing, … Continue reading

Patients ask, “What are the benefits of dermal fillers offered near me?”

Ready to Look Younger, Washington Dermatology Center

You have done your research and you are ready to look younger. Injectable dermal fillers are a popular treatment option without the need for downtime. Now you are asking, “where are dermal fillers offered near me?” With convenient locations in Frederick and Rockville, Dr. Prussick of Washington Dermatology Center offers many treatment options including fillers to restore your youthful appearance. What are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers are used to smooth facial lines and wrinkles or to add volume to areas of the face. As we age, our faces begin to change. The building blocks of our skin begin to break down. … Continue reading

Frederick, MD residents learn what to expect from injectable cosmetic fillers

Wrinkles Free Skin, Washington Dermatology Center

Once you have decided you want to slow the aging process, you might be wondering where to start or what to expect. Injectable cosmetic fillers are an effective treatment for skin rejuvenation. With an office in Frederick, MD,Dr. Prussick of Washington Dermatology Center offers dermal fillers to add volume to the face. Patients may request injectable fillers for any of the following reasons: plumping the lips filling in lines and wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds around the mouth adding volume to hollowed areas of the face What to expect from your appointment Your doctor first assesses your areas of need. Take this time to … Continue reading

Why patients in Frederick may consider dermal filler treatment

Filler Treatments, Washington Dermatology Center

Fine lines and wrinkles can make patients look and feel older than they really are. After the age of thirty, the body gradually loses its natural store of collagen, which reduces volume to the skin and reduces skin laxity. At this point, many patients begin to ask their dermatologist in Frederick about ways to enhance their appearance using non-invasive techniques. The most popular option is dermal filler treatment. What is a dermal filler? It is an injectable that is utilized to add volume directly into fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face to immediately turn back the hands of … Continue reading

Dermal fillers reduce the signs of aging for Frederick, MD patients

Dermal Fillers for Signs of Aging in Frederick area

Did you know that wrinkles and sagging skin are caused not only due to the natural decrease in collagen and elastin as we age, but also loss of volume beneath the skin? For patients seeking to revitalize their skin and bring back their vibrant look, dermal fillers in Frederick, MD can be the secret to restoring their youthful glow! Dermal fillers reduce the signs of aging by combatting volume loss that makes the skin look old and wrinkled. Dr. Prussick and the team at Washington Dermatology Center are experts at using these effective skin treatments in Frederick to give patients … Continue reading

What makes dermal fillers special for patients in the Bethesda community?

Anti-aging Solutions, Washington Dermatology Center

Dr. Ron Prussick and the associates of the Washington Dermatology Center in the Bethesda area are proud to provide patients with cosmetic dermatology solutions for their unique concerns. They understand exactly how the appearance of the face can affect one’s overall youthfulness. When men and women are seeking anti-aging solutions that do not require invasive plastic surgery, they often take the time to speak with a dermatologist at about suitable treatment options. Many patients will find that dermal fillers will provide them with the results they want, without the need for surgery. Dermal fillers are special because they can provide … Continue reading

Frederick, MD area patients get rid of fine lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers to Get Rid of Wrinkle and Fine Lines in Frederick area

While aging comes with many benefits—wisdom, grace, more free time, and greater happiness—most people would agree that they’d like to keep their face looking youthful and free from the signs of getting older. Patients who visit our Frederick, MD office often ask us what the secret to getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles is, and we have the answer! Dermal fillers are a great option for patients who want to smooth out their wrinkles and restore that youthful look to their face by replacing lost volume. Smooth out wrinkles without going under the knife At one point not long … Continue reading

Dermatologist in Bethesda provides Restylane fillers

Enhance Appearance, Washington Dermatology Center

Smoothing wrinkles may be easier than many patients in the Bethesda area realize. Instead of undergoing extensive procedures such as surgical facelifts, patients with mild to moderate signs of aging with fine lines, wrinkles, and folds may instead benefit from fillers. Dermal fillers reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. One popular dermal fillers is Restylane. Restylane was approved by the FDA in late 2003 and has been used for over a decade in turning back the hands of time for both men and women. Dr. Ron Prussick and the team at the Washington Dermatology Center believe that patients … Continue reading