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Are moles small skin problems that my Rockville dermatologist should remove?

moles small skin problems that my Rockville dermatologist should remove

Although many people visit Washington Dermatology Center for our outstanding aesthetic treatments, Dr. Prussick and his team are highly skilled at treating a wide variety of medical skin conditions as well. Where moles are concerned, these small marks on the skin may be considered either cosmetic or medical problems. Most of the moles we see in our Rockville and Frederick offices are harmless. Many of them may be, however, unappealing to the eye. How do you know if it’s a mole or skin cancer? This is a good question to ask because most adults have anywhere from a dozen to … Continue reading

Efficient skin care in our dermatology practice near Silver Spring MD

Efficient skin care in our dermatology practice

Familiarity with our skin is an important part of maintaining health. For many of us, this familiarity can lead to comfort in which problems are not noticed right away. There are some dermatologic treatments that may seem very mild, such as bumps, spots, or rashes. Other complaints, such as acne, may be troublesome enough to seek professional help. When you have a skin concern, it helps to remember that there are solutions at Washington Dermatology Center near Silver Spring, MD. Dr. Prussick and his highly trained team offer skin care for a number of specific concerns. Acne While acne may … Continue reading

Learn the best ways to care for aging skin from your dermatologist near Kensington MD

care for aging skin from your dermatologist near Kensington MD

The aging process is not something we can escape. There are ways, however, that we can slow down the progression of aging. To keep your skin looking and feeling its best may take a few extra steps as you get older. Fret not, though, your dermatologist in the Kensington MD area has solutions for healthier, younger looking skin. Learn how to be savvy when it comes to the sun. “Sun savvy” is a term we are hearing more and more, because it makes perfect sense. The more our skin is protected from harmful UV rays, the fewer effects will occur. … Continue reading

Your dermatologist near Bethesda MD has a solution to warts

Bethesda MD has a solution to warts

Most of us associate warts with childhood; embarrassing, unsightly growths on the hands or fingers. In addition to being known for their frightening appearance, warts also have a reputation for being contagious, which is absolutely spot on. A wart may not be a danger to skin health or general health, but the development of a wart on a visible area can cause a child or an adult a great deal of distress. This type of growth can lead to self-consciousness or attempts to hide the body part on which the wart can be seen. Depending on the location of a … Continue reading

Best way to fight acne is with your dermatologist near Silver Spring

fight acne is with your dermatologist

Of the various skin conditions experienced by people of all ages, acne is one of the most prevalent. This common skin condition is not only seen in teens and young adults, nor does it occur only when personal hygiene is lacking. The underlying causes of acne can be as confusing as the myriad of over-the-counter and home remedies touted as effective cures. Which treatment option is the best choice for fighting acne? There really is no easy answer, which is why your dermatologist in the Silver Spring area is your secret weapon. Dr. Prussick knows that no single form of … Continue reading

Do you know when it’s time to contact your dermatologist in Frederick?

time to contact your dermatologist in Frederick

Most people’s skin has at least some markings, either temporarily or permanently. Because we live in our skin day after day, we can easily become familiar with the rashes, bumps, or spots that we regularly see. Unless skin becomes chronically irritated, many simply ignore the small signs that trouble could be lurking. It is easy to assume that certain skin markings are normal and require no treatment, or can’t be treated. The truth is, the skin can be affected by thousands of conditions, but modern day dermatology has solutions that will keep you healthy and glowing. The question is do … Continue reading

Giving your skin the best possible care means consulting with your dermatologist near Kensington

Giving your skin the best possible care

We can easy fail to notice changes in our skin such as bumps, spots, or rashes. The development of such minor conditions may seem miniscule, requiring no treatment. Other, more significant issues may seem as though they do not respond to treatments. In the end, it can be difficult to determine the best approach to treating various skin conditions. How do you know when you should receive care from your dermatologist near Kensington? It depends on the issue. Acne Breakouts are common for young adults, but people of all ages may experience troublesome acne. Often, over the counter remedies provide … Continue reading

What is the cause of acne, and can dermatology treatment in Rockville clear my skin?

Acne before and After example

Acne is a problem faced by millions of people at least once in their life. We commonly associate this condition with the teenage years, but acne can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. The condition of acne is so common that there are countless promotions of “cures,” techniques, or miracle substances that supposedly have the power to zap zits with amazing speed. Acne has a genetic component in which the skin cells in some people don’t exfoliate out of the pores as well as for others it causes comedones. Also very recent studies show people with acne have an … Continue reading