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No season like the present to reveal luminous, soft skin with chemical peels in Frederick MD

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Chemical peels in Frederick MD at Washington Dermatology Center are a great way to restore skin’s youthful appearance and texture year-round; however, winter is a particularly great time to book your peel.

Chill in the air? Warm up to chemical peels

Exposure to the sun is one of the main concerns post-chemical peel. Treated skin is vulnerable. Even Ultraviolet light on a cloudy day can increase the risk of complications, such as swelling, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation or spots and patches of the skin that are darker or lighter than the surrounding areas. Ironically, some of these complications may be the very reason you seek out Dr. Prussick and the team for treatment with chemical peels in the first place.

Since sunlight is in shorter supply during the winter months, many Washington Dermatology Center patients retreat to the warmth of the Frederick or Rockville office to avoid potential post-peel problems. But UV light still poses a threat to the skin. The snow reflects sunlight. And even on dreary and overcast days, clouds only block about 20% of UV rays. So, it’s important to wear sunscreen every day regardless of the season and to follow aftercare instructions provided by your doctor. It’s also important to protect your skin from the elements, particularly harsh, bitter cold. The combination of plummeting temps, wind, or dry air can irritate untreated skin – let alone areas that have been on the receiving end of chemical peels.

The goal is to keep your skin hydrated. Moisturize adequately and as directed, typically at least two to four times each day depending on the peel that is used to treat your particular skin type and concern. Peels vary by their intensity; for instance, superficial or “lunchtime” peels penetrate the outermost layer of skin to exfoliate and rejuvenate weathered, rough, and discolored areas of the face, neck, décolletage, and hands. Medium peels penetrate deeper, into the skin’s mid-layers. They can be used to improve the appearance of moderate skin discoloration, as well as lines and wrinkles and precancerous growths such as actinic keratosis. Deeper peels affect the middle layer of the skin, eliminating damaged cells to dramatically improve moderate facial lines and wrinkles, age spots, and some types of scars.

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What else should you expect from chemical peels?

Clean & clear skin after doing checmical peel

All successful treatments at Washington Dermatology Center start with a thorough and comprehensive evaluation at the Frederick or Rockville offices. There are many different types of ingredients that are used to make your peel. The ingredients in these peels also vary in terms of their concentration. The type and concentration of the peel that is used to revitalize and treat depends on your skin’s condition, tone, and the nature of your concerns; for instance, are lines and sun damage a primary concern? If so, are the lines fine or more prominent?

Washington Dermatology Center lives up to its tagline of “State of the Art Dermatology” by mastering the latest, proven techniques and technologies available to dramatically make a difference in the appearance of patients’ skin – without the ill effects associated with earlier-generation options. Advanced peels get dramatic results without the risks, and demands on your body and time for recovery. Washington Dermatology Center also offers hydrafacials from the Rockville office. This “twist” on the traditional facial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts impurities and dead skin with a combination of peel, suction, and antioxidants and peptides.

Regardless of the type or intensity of the peel, all treatments start by preparing the skin – cleansing it and protecting sensitive areas such as the eyes. Today’s products are typically tolerated well by most patients, so numbing medication isn’t usually needed for comfort. In the days following treatment:

  •    New, youthful and healthier-looking skin surfaces as damaged skin cells are removed.
  •    The skin may look sunburned and feel sensitive.
  •    Redness, irritation, flaking, and dryness may be managed with instructions and products tailored to your needs.

Washington Dermatology Center offers the latest in many different types of cosmetic treatments, from injectables like Botox and dermal fillers to laser- and light-based therapies. Some procedures may be combined to get the appearance you desire, or they may be an alternative to chemical peels. To schedule your consultation at the Frederick office, call 855-314-1425 . If Rockville is more convenient for you, call 855-314-1424.


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Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Washington Dermatology Center is dedicated to providing patients with the best quality skin treatments in general and cosmetic dermatology to help them achieve all aesthetic and health-related skin goals.

The medical director, Dr. Ronald B. Prussick has decades of expertise in dermatology with extensive training in laser treatments and psoriasis treatments. The rest of the staff comprise of Dr. Mary Piazza Maiberger and Dr. Jennifer Nguyen, who are qualified dermatologists specializing in areas like skin cancer treatments and dermatology surgery, and Dr. Henry Yan, PA-C, and Meryl Elyse Gudelsky, RN, who specialize in personalized skincare treatments.

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