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Do you wonder what is the use of chemical peels for patients in Frederick?

Dr Ronald B. Prussick, Washington Dermatology Center Describing What is the use of chemical Peels

Patients in the area of Frederick who visit the dermatologist in their community are often interested in learning about ways to turn back the hands of time by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. They may also have imperfections on their skin such as acne scarring or poor texture. Men and women both complain of dry, sun damaged skin more often than not. Many are curious to learn if their dermatologist, Dr. Ron Prussick, has a “one size fits all” solution to their skin care issues. To address many of these with one treatment, Dr. Ron Prussick may suggest chemical peels.

Chemical peels are specific treatments that can be custom-tailored to the skin. These solutions are fabricated with ingredients and chemicals that are applied to the skin and quickly removed to help in stimulating skin cell production. Over several days, patients will notice peeling and rejuvenation of the skin on their face. Within a week or two after treatment, dramatic results in the appearance of the skin may be noticed. The skin will appear firmer, more supple, and patients will enjoy a more youthful appearance overall.

What is the use of chemical peels?

Chemical peels are less aggressive than laser skin rejuvenation services which may require some social downtime for patients of our Rockville or Frederick office. However, a customized peel can provide noticeable results. Each chemical peel is developed for specific purposes, but most will address these issues and more:

  • Poor texture
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Active acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin

All of these issues can be addressed with just one chemical peel. We have everything from mild to aggressive peels, and an experienced member of our team takes the time to educate patients on which is appropriate for their needs. Aggressive peels may require more downtime than mild peels which can be done during a lunchtime appointment.

If you reside in or around the community of Frederick and want to speak with a dermatologist about how chemical peels can enhance your appearance, contact our team of professionals at the Washington Dermatology Center today. We can make recommendations regarding the best possible services for you and your skin to provide safe, effective, and affordable rejuvenation.

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Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Ronald B. Prussick, MD, FRCPC

Washington Dermatology Center is dedicated to providing patients with the best quality skin treatments in general and cosmetic dermatology to help them achieve all aesthetic and health-related skin goals.

The medical director, Dr. Ronald B. Prussick has decades of expertise in dermatology with extensive training in laser treatments and psoriasis treatments. The rest of the staff comprise of Dr. Mary Piazza Maiberger and Dr. Jennifer Nguyen, who are qualified dermatologists specializing in areas like skin cancer treatments and dermatology surgery, and Dr. Henry Yan, PA-C, and Meryl Elyse Gudelsky, RN, who specialize in personalized skincare treatments.

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