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Patients near Damascus ask about treatment for sun spots

Treatment for Sun Spots Near Damascus

At The Washington Dermatology Center, Dr. Ron Prussick and his team have invested in some of the latest technologies to assist patients in enjoying healthier, more attractive skin. His practice has laser therapy for patients near the Damascus area who are interested in achieving better skin rejuvenation. Laser therapy is just one of many treatment options for conditions such as rosacea, acne, aging skin, sun spots, and psoriasis. Dr. Ron Prussick is a firm believer in offering a myriad of medical and cosmetic services to new and existing patients. His practice is equipped with everything necessary to address common dermatological … Continue reading

Dermatologist near Potomac area reviews the cost and benefits of laser treatments for skin rejuvenation

Cost And Reviews Of Laser Treatment Near Potomac

Rejuvenating the skin after the years have taken a toll may seem like an impossible feat. Fortunately, with continued improvements in dermatology, patients near the area of Potomac may be able to achieve a more youthful appearance without having to undergo invasive plastic surgery procedures. Instead of having a face lift done with a plastic surgeon, patients can now visit their dermatologist to turn back the hands of time. Dr. Ron Prussick of the Washington Dermatology Center reviews with his patients the many methods of treatment available to fight the unwanted signs of aging. He understands that there is a … Continue reading

What is the process of laser treatment by a dermatologist near me in the Potomac area?

Process of Laser Treatment near me Potomac

Lasers have been used in medicine for many years and continue to make great strides in offering dermatologists the ability to rejuvenate the skin. Dr. Ron Prussick is a Potomac area dermatologist of the Washington Dermatology Center who can educate patients on the benefits of treatments such as laser therapy. Laser therapy can greatly rejuvenate overall appearance and is highly recommended for patients who are ready for a serious change in the texture, tone, and health of their skin. If you have been searching for a dermatologist “near me in the Potomac area” who offers laser treatment, now is the … Continue reading

Laser skin tightening services in Rockville area with GentleLase

Laser Skin Tightening in Rockville

Both men and women come to Washington Dermatology Center with concerns regarding skin laxity. Skin laxity may occur due to the natural loss of collagen during the aging process or even because of extreme weight loss. Cosmetic plastic surgery options are often considered, but avoided because they are expensive, risky, and invasive. Thanks to continued advances in technology, patients in and around the area of Rockville and Frederick can enjoy alternative options to face lifts and tummy tucks such as laser skin tightening. This advanced treatment is a revolutionary way for patients to achieve better body contours and firm up … Continue reading

Finding the right treatment for rosacea possible with help from your Frederick dermatologist

Treatment for Rosacea Frederick

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects millions of people of all ages. Due to its similarity to acne, rosacea is often mistaken as such. The two conditions, however, are vastly different. Treating rosacea as acne is not likely to produce favorable results. In fact, mistreatment may worsen symptoms. To find the best treatment for rosacea, we work with our Frederick patients on an individual basis, letting symptoms guide our planning. Symptom recognition Facial redness is one of the most common signs of rosacea. People affected by this condition may seem as though they are blushing all the time, or … Continue reading

Dermatologist brings relief to residents of Rockville suffering from symptoms of rosacea

Symptoms of Rosacea Rockville

Dr. Ronald Prussick, of Washington Dermatology Center, offers a wide range of services, both medical and cosmetic, to residents of Frederick, Rockville, and beyond. Rosacea is a common condition that falls into both the medical and the cosmetic category. In our dermatology practice, we have several solutions that may be ideal for managing this skin condition. Several medical symptoms of rosacea may be experienced. However, many of our Rockville patients report feeling great concern over the cosmetic impact of this chronic skin condition. More than fifty percent of people affected by rosacea have feelings of embarrassment, frustration, and low self-esteem … Continue reading

The best treatments for rosacea near Silver Spring consider climate changes

Best Treatments for Rosacea Silver Spring

Throughout the years, we have learned more about chronic skin conditions such as rosacea. We are still searching for reasons why some people develop this disease, and we may not have a full cure. What we do have are various ways to manage rosacea so the skin looks and feels its best. We also know that there are certain factors that seem to trigger skin irritation. When we tailor treatment plans for individual patients, we also discuss their susceptibility to triggers. Our team has been providing outstanding care for years and we are committed to planning the best treatments for … Continue reading

Rockville, MD gives an alternative to medication for rosacea

Medication for Rosacea Rockville MD

Rosacea is a common problem seen by dermatologists in the Rockville, MD area including Dr. Ron Prussick and associates of Washington Dermatology Center. Our practice works with patients of all ages who have suffered from this condition and are seeking relief. Because the symptoms and complications of rosacea are different from one patient to another, it is important for patients to consider a variety of treatment methods that best suits their body’s response to treatment as well as their lifestyle. Medication is commonly used for rosacea and typically is administered as a topical cream. Some patients may benefit as well … Continue reading

Frederick area patients ask about IPL cosmetic treatment for improving conditions such as rosacea

IPL Cosmetic Treatment Frederick

Rosacea is a condition that affects millions of Americans. Many patients in the Frederick area who are struggling with itchy, red skin and sensitivity may become incredibly uncomfortable. Sometimes, rosacea can affect patients’ overall self-esteem and confidence. By speaking with a quality dermatologist, they can find a solution to control their condition to reduce discomfort and improve their overall quality of life. Dr. Ron Prussick and the associates of the Washington Dermatology Center work together with patients to provide a proper diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Rosacea can be treated in a wide variety of ways, but since every … Continue reading

Using IPL treatment for aging spots in Frederick area patients

IPL Treatment For Aging Spots Frederick

The importance of sun protection is continually stressed by dermatologists in and around the Frederick area, including Dr. Ron Prussick. At Washington Dermatology Center, we want our patients to take the steps necessary to ensure they are protecting their skin and therefore slowing the signs of aging and the development of problems such as age spots and sun spots. As patients age, they may notice this sun damage on their skin and want to find ways to reduce or eliminate it. This is when our team of professionals may suggest IPL treatment for aging spots. Aging spots, sun spots, liver … Continue reading